About Us

The Afrix Car

The cars weigh approximately 640kg and produce approximately 620bhp. They deploy carbon fibre brakes, utilise sequential bespoke gearboxes and run on slick racing tyres. The chassis and aero design are taken directly from the Ferrari F2004 Formula One car

The Afrix Story

AFRIX Motorsport (AFRIX), a South African company, was formed to purchase the A1GP powered by Ferrari assets and relocate the show to South Africa. AFRIX is now ready to put these world-class assets to use.

The Management Team

A group of passionate South Africans formed AFRIX Motorsport for the purpose of reconnecting Africa to the world of motorsport the highest level.

The Series

There is currently no modern international circuit-racing event in Africa. AFRIX Motorsport intends using these world-class single-seaters to create a motor racing series in Africa during the Northern Hemisphere’s winter months (October – March).