How the Series Works

Cost and experience have naturally determined a hierarchy at every level of motorsport. It is imperative that a driver wishing to advance his/her career selects the best-funded, best-staffed and best-equipped team in the series he/she intends competing in. An average driver in a great car often wins whereas a great driver in an average car seldom, if ever, wins. AFRIX Motorsport aims to address this by introducing a new exciting series that places drivers from all over the globe in equal machinery with only their on track talent being the difference. Drivers compete on a level-playing- field and score points based on their positioning after each race.

AFRIX’s unique approach to the “One-Make” concept.

Single-seater racing has always been the pinnacle of motorsport and there are two distinct concepts:

  • Firstly, and in its most pure form, is Formula Libre. Anything goes with different chassis, different motors, different gearboxes and different tyres etc.
  • Secondly, there is the "One-make" series with a single chassis supplier and the same engine, same gearbox and same tyres etc.

Then there are variations/permutations of the two.

The current F1 series has strict detailed rules governing chassis design, a single supplier of tyres and a complicated power supply dividing the grid into manufactures with their own power supplies and customer teams who buy their power supplies from the manufactures it's a de facto two-tier series. IndyCar is a one-make chassis with a choice of two engine suppliers. GP2 is a one-make series as is the 3.5 V8 World Series.

A one-make series is by far the most cost effective model and AFRIX has a unique approach with the intention of curtailing costs.

AFRIX will standardise costs for teams and create a level-playing- field while allowing teams to exploit the benefits that the series has to offer. This is achieved by AFRIX storing, maintaining, repairing, preparing and transporting all the cars and related equipment on behalf of the teams. All the cars will be prepared to an exact high standard in regard to safety and performance and all consumables will be supplied in equal quantities and quality to all teams. The drivers will be allowed to make pre-determined adjustments subject to all data being made available to the other teams timeously. Teams will be charged a standard annual fee for the service resulting in the performance being dependent on the team’s selection of drivers.

There will be 8 races hosted over 4 weekends and here is a draft of our schedule:

This competitive series will operate in the northern hemisphere’s offseason to attract the world best talent, which AFRIX Motorsport intends to utilize to inspire and motivate young South African’s to the great heights achieved in the past in motorsport.

Possible Venues for this series include the following circuits:

  • Phakisa Freeway (Free State)
  • Durban Street Circuit
  • Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit
  • Botswana Street Circuit
  • Cape Town Street Circuit
  • Port Elizabeth Street Circuit
  • East London Grand Prix Circuit
  • Wonderboom Airport (Pretoria)
  • Mozambique Street Circuit

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