AFRIX, the quickest at SA Festival of Motoring

07 Sep 2016 – AFRIX, the quickest at SA Festival of Motoring

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The SA Festival of Motoring at the new Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit ended on Sunday 4 September 2016. AFRIX Motorsport (AFRIX) was invited to participate in the event and so brought 3 Ferrari powered AFRIX cars for the public to experience in the flesh.

Click Here to watch Robert Wolk take a lap of the new Kyalami Grand Prix circuit in the AFRIX car.

There were large crowds present and we received many visitors. We hope all of you who stopped by enjoyed our working environment and thank you for all the support. The two most frequently asked questions were, who are the drivers and when will we race.

Our drivers for the festival were Robert Wolk, Gavin Cronje and Julian Van Der Watt. Both cars lapped in the 1:34 bracket, which made us the quickest thing on the circuit. Julian set the unofficial lap record at the new Kyalami circuit with a 1:34.8. We are happy that nothing will be taking that away from us anytime soon. The cars were in standard set up and the times were achieved without even doing an installation lap. The next quickest car out there was David Coulthard in an AMG GT3 Mercedes some 11 seconds slower.

The AFRIX team really put on a great display and worked well as a team. We ran without any international technicians and engineers for the first time and dealt with a misfire over 6000 rpm caused by a scuffed wheel sensor, a water pressure problem on the Motul car, a brake issue, and right-hand side rebuild on the black car. We also gathered information on the lambda sensors, gear ratio data, tyre pressures and spring and damper data for the new Kyalami circuit.

Motul is our lubricant product sponsor and their “off the shelf” engine oil was used in our Ferrari engines for the first time. We were pleasantly surprised to note a boost in power output as a result. Clearly a magic potion. They gave us great support over the festival and we are very excited to have them onboard with us for the future.

Kenwood supplied us with their latest pit to car communication system, as used by McLaren F1. These units are better, lighter and smaller than our current kit. We hope to update the other cars shortly. We are very happy to welcome them to the family and look forward to the future together.

The Cooper/Avon tyres continue to impress with a consistency over a number of heat cycles been achieved. All our drivers have nothing but praise for their grip and consistency.

The cars sound fantastic albeit very loud and every time we fired one up there was an instant crowd. They didn’t seem to mind the punishment of eardrums and lungs from exhaust note and smells.

If you were at the festival and took any pictures of the car please post them on our Facebook page at tag us in (@afrixmotorsport). We would love to see them. We will be posting videos of the day shortly so please make sure that you are subscribed to our YouTube channel, follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page.

All in all, it was a successful show for AFRIX and we can’t wait to have a race on the circuit.

AFRIX is satisfied with all the upgrades made to the car and we are awaiting our shipment of the new steering wheels that arrive in the coming months. We will be releasing our official provisional calendar soon so please stay tuned for that and watch this space…