Letter from the CEO

Message from our CEO

Welcome to our Website

Dear Reader

Welcome to 2016 and the launch of the AFRIX Motorsport (AFRIX) website.

We intend AFRIX to be a brand blueprint for a renaissance of single-seater racing in Africa. As we progress, we will use this website to introduce our new teams and their owners, Pool A
Drivers, Pool B Drivers, Team Principles, the venues, delegates, official partners and many more exciting concepts and happenings of AFRIX.

Single-seater racing has always been the pinnacle of motorsport and there are two distinct concepts:

  • Firstly, and in its most pure form, is Formula Libre. Anything goes with different chassis, different motors, different gearboxes and different tyres etc.
  • Secondly, there is the “One-make” series with a single chassis supplier and the same engine, same gearbox and same tyres etc.

Then there are variations/permutations of the two.

The current F1 series has strict detailed rules governing chassis design, a single supplier of tyres and a complicated power supply dividing the grid into manufactures with their own power supplies (4) and customer teams who buy their power supplies from the manufactures (7) it’s a de facto two-tier series. IndyCar is a one make chassis with a choice of two engine suppliers. GP2 is a one-make series as is the 3.5 V8 World Series.

Irrespective of the above, teams with bigger budgets tend to produce the results. This has a knock on effect as results attract the best paying drivers and/or sponsors.

Prior to sponsorship in racing, the professional drivers would partake in as many series as possible to earn their keep (e.g. F1, F2, CanAm Sportscars etc.). Tobacco marketing changed motorsport dramatically with generous sponsorship. It is safe to say the banning of this advertising had once more a profound effect on the sport. It did not help that this coincided with a time that can only be described as a technological revolution in electronics and aerodynamics. What was a black art became an exact science. It also came at a considerable price.


A one-make series is by far the most cost effective model. However, given the cost to participate and the scarcity of sponsorship, many series have collapsed or not even started. There is an over supply of drivers resulting in them having to bring a budget or not driving at all. This is exacerbated by currency differences making it a heavier burden for those outside of Europe and the US. AFRIX has a fleet of state-of-the-art loud, fast and sophisticated cars and an almost exclusive time frame
between November and March to race them. We control the development of the cars to be within a sensible financial bracket, which leaves us exposed to the running costs of a series.

Our model, which is unique to motorsport, does not rely on drivers bringing a budget to supplement the traditional revenue sources. We have offered a franchise system where the franchisee bids for two drivers to drive in his/her two-car team. AFRIX has a sharing arrangement with the franchisees, which ensures an equitable distribution of revenue. We believe this makes for a sustainable and entertaining show. We hope you like it.

Please enjoy the site and we welcome any and all feedback. Register to our newsletter to stay updated with all
the happenings of AFRIX.

Kind Regards

Neville Jordan
CEO of AFRIX Motorsport