Letter from the CEO

Dear Reader
In motor racing there is always a lot to talk about. For example, there’s the financial aspects which leave one amazed and probably amazes countries too, there is emerging super talent which potential all to often ends in a cul de sac and mind boggling technology bordering on magical in effects. Often one can even talk about close competitive racing (GP2 has had 10 different winners so far this year)

There appeared an article in the Sunday papers, disclosing that the Australian taxpayers had forked out R26.5 Billion in the last five years for the Melbourne GP. Even if this is half true, it probably puts paid to a Cape Town GP.

AFRIX will be running some cars at the SA Festival of Motoring in Midrand from 31 August to 4 September. This event promises much for the whole family and apart from our cars screaming around at huge speeds, which incidentally really got the crowds on their feet a few weeks ago at Zwartkops Raceway, there will be lots to see and experience. So it’s not a GP but you’ll have close to as much fun and it’s not going to cost the taxpayer any B sum either.

It’s unfortunate but true that the highest paying drivers get the seat over others more talented, which I think is disrespectful to talent and the sport. There are a number of drivers deserving a F1 seat but will never get the chance. I think of such talented drivers as Bleekenmoelen, Frijns, Pagenaud and Felix da Costa. These guys are winning everything they drive but F1 is not going to happen for them.

AFRIX has had the benefit of having Dan Clarke drive for us and being a measuring stick for our own locals. Robert Wolk has been a revelation in the step up into the AFRIX car. Gavin Cronje also had an opportunity to drive at Zwartkops Raceway. He had previously driven for Team SA A1 and so there was some expectation for him to impress. He did not let us down. Young Julian van der Watt drove the Formula Reno and will now step up to the AFRIX car at the SA Festival of Motoring. I can’t help but say: SA has Talent. And there is more to come. Formula Ford has revealed a flying Brummer whose talent demands an opportunity and is not to be ignored. I can’t wait for the day when we have an AFRIX race with at least half the grid made up of our own local drivers.

Watching the Olympics made me rethink the concept of A1 GP World Cup with country v country…